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Our team needs 5-6 officials.  All officiating in our league is done by volunteer parents who have taken a half day class. 

In a typical meet there are at least three Level 2 officials and four Level 1 officials. 


Recently our team has had limited numbers of officials requiring us to depend on the other teams to officiate even at home meets.  Now it is your turn to step up.  Being an official will give you the ongoing opportunity to:

  • Better learn about and understand swimming which increases your enjoyment and gives you the opportunity to educate/help others in the sport
  • Gives you a sense of pride knowing you are playing an extremely important role in the sport your kids love  
  • Be right on top of the action with a front row seat

So now is the time to step up and join the ranks of Lasers officials past, present and future.


Linked you will find more details about the certification clinics, information on how to register and a Record of Meet Experience that can be used to record the meets you have done or will be doing in the future (to move up to Level 2 now or later on).